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Tired of riding over broken glass on Tramway?

If you're tired of riding over broken glass on Tramway (and hopefully on other roads as well), now you can do more than curse about it. You can take action.

The action to take is to call or email one or both of the engineers responsible for keeping bike lanes cleared in Albuquerque. Here are their names, numbers, and email addresses.

Tom Kratochvil
P.E. Asst. District Engineer, Maintenance
Office: 505-798-6637

Kenneth Murphy
P.E. District Three Engineer
Office: 505-798-6630

The Zucoskys, who provided the contacts, suggest you email the above engineers and stress the safety hazards broken glass on the shoulder causes. For one thing, bikes stopped for tire repair are more vulnerable to the hazards of passing traffic. For another, a blowout coming down Tramway at high speed can be catastrophic: a bike can veer uncontrollably into traffic, or go off the road into rocks and rough terrain off the shoulder.

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