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Awards Survey

The Awards Committee needs your help in choosing some award winners. Please take a few minutes to take a five question survey to choose our winners for the 2017 cycling season. The awards will be presented at the Awards Banquet on 18 February.

The survey will end on Sunday 28 January.

Please click on the More Information link to access the survey.

Thanks for participating and we hope to see you at the Banquet!

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By Jim Fordice ... News item runs January 8 – January 28
2017 Club Mileage List

You can obtain the list of 2017 Club Miles we have recorded for you in the January issue of the Freewheel. You can also download the list by clicking "More Information" below or downloading it directly right here. Since your total mileage determines which mileage patch you qualify for a small change in your total could result in a higher mileage patch level. If you disagree with the total mileage listed for you please contact me at mileagechairman@nmts.org or 505-803-3640. You will need to provide a log of your mileage in order to justify a change to your mileage.

Since I need to order the mileage patches by 18 January the deadline for contacting me is 16 January.

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By Jim Fordice ... News item runs January 5 – January 17
January Membership Meeting

Come one, come all! To the first membership meeting of the New Year!

We kick off the year with a special membership meeting that has a safety theme. We've made arrangements to have a dinner meeting at the Whole Hog Cafe BBQ restaurant at 9880 Montgomery NE, Albuquerque. Attendees will enter the cafe, order and pay for their food and drinks (adult beverages are available) and then go sit in the far back room. Cafe employees will bring the food to your table.

The fun begins at 6:30PM on Monday, January 22nd! See y'all there!

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By President ... News item runs January 2 – January 21
New mileage tools for NMTS

Welcome to 2018!

The new year brings new mileage guidelines from the NMTS Board, and with that some new mileage rules (see incoming Mileage Chairman Jim Fordice's post below) ...

... and new user tools.

Note that the mileage page currently only shows "This month" and "Year to date" reports. As we get more data into the database, other breakouts will be made available, including the ability to enter your name along with a start date and end date and get a report about which rides you rode along with your total miles during that period.

Since this is a new system, you may encounter bugs. (I just fixed one this morning that worked on the test data for 2017 but not on New Year's Day. D'oh!) If you do find any bugs, please report them to webmaster@nmts.org and I will take a look. Thanks, and have a fun and safe riding year!

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2018 Mileage Programs

Under the Club Miles Program (see the Club Miles Guidelines in the Members section under NMTS Documents) there are two new categories for awards:

* Working Stiff (Most club miles ridden by a full time employed member)

* Young Rider (Most club miles ridden by a member under 40 years of age)

For the Working Stiff competition you need to opt-in by notifying me that you are a full-time (40 hours per week) employee and that you want to compete for the award.

For the Young Rider competition please alert me if you are under 40 years old.

The new Total Miles Program (see the Total Miles Policy link in the Members section under NMTS Documents) creates a program that recognizes every mile you ride. Participation in this competition will make you eligible for several new awards:

* Most Miles Ridden - Male

* Most Miles Ridden - Female

* Most Commuting Miles - Male

* Most Commuting Miles - Female

Please read the Total Miles Program Guidelines to learn how you can compete for these awards. If you have any difficulty or questions with the procedures do not hesitate to contact me and we will sort it out.

By Jim Fordice ... News item runs December 28 – January 31

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