Who We Are

The New Mexico Touring Society is an Albuquerque-based recreational bicycling club for riders of all abilities, from beginners to experts. Club members plan and lead one-day and multi-day road and mountain bike rides. Check our ride schedule to participate in a ride or come to a monthly meeting to meet us.

Route 66 Project

This club has developed a comprehensive route along the New Mexico section of the old Route 66 highway. US Bicycle Route 66 Trail Notes for New Mexico
Developed by NMTS

League of American Bicyclists

The NMTS is an affiliate of the League of American Bicyclists.

NMTS Happenings

2017 NMTS Board and Election
Early voting via email begins at 1200am On November 11 and ends at 11:59pm on November 19

Vote in person at the November 21 Membership meeting

The slate of NMTS officer candidates is as follows:
President Gordon Pegue
Vice President Patrick Roddy
Secretary Howard Sagrans
Treasurer Dianne Cress
Freewheel Editor Bill Thompson
Ride Chairman David Jewell
Bicycling Advocate Position 1 Hal Stevens
Bicycling Advocate Position 2 Rosalie Rayburn
Mileage Chairman Mark Pasnewski or Saul Segura
Web Master Rob Brueckner
Safety Chairman Dee Friesen
Member at Large Position 1 Jim Fordice
Member at Large Position 2 Rita Wormwood

Special Stuff
On the menu on the left side of this page is a choice labeled Special Stuff. It is special because of its content. It is a number of things. You can read members' journals there. For those of you that like the Monday or Wednesday ride, you can find information on upcoming ones.
There is a listing of the club's inventory, available to members, by the way.
Take a look at those web pages!
Are those really expensive wheels worth it?

Hypothosis: A weekend warrior contemplates a $3K set of wheels. Are they worth it? Or is it more of an ego thing?
If you can digest some of the physics and math presented in this article, linked below, you can make your own determination. My conclusion? Unless you are a category racer, save your dough...

Bicycle Wheel Physics